Grass Canvas "Custom Care" Program

This program offers a total of six treatments

March - April * 1st Service

Fertilization + Crabgrass Prevention

An application of complete balance granular fertilizer and Crabgrass prevention to your lawn. Broadleaf weed control as needed (weather permitting)

April - May * 2nd Service


An application of broadleaf weed control to control spring weeds and fertilizer to promote green up and recovery from winter.

June - July * 3rd Service


An application of controlled release fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. Perform an inspection of the lawn for insect or disease activity.

July - August * 4th Service


An application of fertilizer and weed control. Designed to increase disease resistance and drought tolerance. Monitor for surface feeding insects and lawn diseases.

August - October * 5th Service


An application of controlled release granular fertilizer and weed control.

November - December * 6th Service

An application of pelletized Dolomitic limestone designed to maintain soil pH and enhance nutrient uptake. Cool season weed control.


Grass Canvas "Complete Care" Program

This program offers a total of 8 treatments. 

This Grass Canvas program offers all the benefits of the "Custom Care" program listed above PLUS...

June - July * Grub Control

An application of Grub Control that will protect the lawn against turf damaging grubs for a full season. Could help against moles.

August - October * Fall Core Aeration Service

Core aerification relieves soil compaction and helps control thatch build-up. This procedure greatly improves the flow of air, water and fertilizer into the root zone. This important service significantly aids in developing, and mainaining a thick, green lawn.

We recommend having the lawn over-seeded with core aeration for optimal results. (additional fee)

Additional Programs and Services Available

Core Aeration

Grub Control

We use Grub Control for season-long protection.  Grub control is applied to prevent damage to the grass roots from damaging larva which allows for a stronger root base.

Fles and Tick Control

Lawn Seeding

Choose from Tall Fescue, Bermuda and Zoysia grass.

Fungas Disease Control

Soil pH Amendment

Lime application.